Membership Points

Point which is occurred by your order will be transferred to be usable after 20 days from the completion of your delivery.
During 20 days, the point is classified to non-usable saved point just in case of cancellation or refund.

Rate of Saving Points

For all members, Bank Transfer: 3% savings / Credit Card, Paypal: 0.3% savings
For VVIPs, Bank Transfer: 8% savings / Credit Card, Paypal: 5.3% savings
For VIPs, Bank Transfer: 5% savings / Credit Card, Paypal: 2.3% savings
※ VVIP/VIP benefit can be changed according to internal policy later on.

Point Expiration

Point will be cancelled if you cancel your order or refund.
Point will be expired automatically if you withdraw from the monttotto membership.
Point will be expired if the additional point is not saved during 3 years since your final date of the point accrual.