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Membership Points

  -  Point which is occurred by your order will be transferred to be usable

     after 20 days from the completion of your delivery.  

  -  During 20 days, the point is classified to non-usable saved point just in case of cancellation or refund.

Rate of Saving Points

  -  For all members, Bank Transfer : 3% savings / Credit Card, Paypal : 0.3% savings

  -  For VIPs, Bank Transfer: 8% savings / Credit Card, Paypal: 5.3% savings

     (VIPS : The top 20 customers whose accumulated amount of purchase is in high rank)

  -  VIP benefit can be changed according to internal policy later on


Point Expiration

  -  Point will be cancelled if you cancel your order or refund.

  -  Point will be expired automatically if you withdraw from the monttotto membership.

  -  Point will be expired if the additional point is not saved during 3 years since your final date of the point accrual.


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